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 Hot Water Pressure Washing Services, Hydroblasting Company some people call this Power Washing  or Pressure Washing.

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Hot Water versus Cold Water Pressure Washers

For those tough cleaning jobs in construction, food processing, or transportation, as well as any other industry that needs to remove mud, grease, and grime there’s a right industrial-grade pressure washer for the work ahead of you. Here’s some basic information to help you with your selection process.

1. Is There a Difference in Water Pressure Between Hot and Cold?

The answer is no - there's no difference! We have (hot water pressure washer) and cold water pressure washer models that offer the same flow rate, pressure, and the strong capacity to clean any tough job, whether it is indoors, outdoors or off-site.

2. (When To Use Hot Water) and Cold Water Pressure Washers?

Unlike any other cleaning device, a pressure washer is a universal tool applicable across a range of service fields that can clean almost anything. Whether yo use hot or cold water, both will do the job and are versatile.

Because cold water pressure washers are compact, these machines are better suited for small businesses, Whereas cold water falls short in cleaning grease and grime.

The choice for many industries is hot water pressure washer due to its versatility in providing both hot and cold-water cleaning.  Hot water is best for cleaning engines, automotive parts, oil, and grease, as well as removing weeds, killing germs, and defrosting culverts. That’s because hot water pressure washers combine three elements - heat, agitation and soap - creating a more efficient cleaning tool for almost any application and across all industries.  

3. How Does The A Water Pressure Washer Work?

This brings us to how a Hot Water Pressure Washer makes cleaning more efficient. A hot washer pressure washer needs three actions. The first is heat, second is soap, and the third is agitation, and when combined these elements remove grease and grime quickly and more efficiently.

4. Here’s How The Hot Water Pressure Washer Works:

  • Heat: causes molecules to move fast, colliding with each other so much so that they push the cleaning agent to increase its activity thereby reducing the water’s surface tension. As a result, the heated cleaning agent effectively penetrates grime at the molecular level.  
  • Agitation: is created by friction when the volume and pressure of the water hit the surface.  

Detergent: combined with heat and agitation, detergent allows the cleaning to begin. Its chemical makeup breaks the sticky dirt that’s tied to the surface. This sticky dirt is made up of oil and grease that attaches to dirt. Detergents include surfactants, which are softening agents to emulsify the oil and grease forcing the oil and water to mix. This mixture is called an emulsion, which carries the sticky dirt that holds the oil and grease and is washed away with the hot water. [ Most the time we do not have to use detergent.] If we use Detergent we use Environmentally Friendly


Environmentally [ Friendly,We use Hot Water vs Chemicals ]

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Gulf Coast Pressure Washing Pro 

We use hot water (Versus) Chemicals, Most cold-water pressure washing companies use chemicals like Chlorine or Bleach to kill mold, this is not good for your plants or grass. 

Hot water pressure washing services are called upon to do the job for the toughest cleaning applications. Anytime oil or grease residue is involved, hot water is a must. Removing oil and grease from concrete, driveways and pavers are examples of when hot water is a must also situations where sanitation is a concern, for example, food processing and restaurant kitchens. Cleaning vehicles that are covered with road grime and film is another example of when hot water cleans better and are also faster, thus reducing labor costs. If your cleaning operation will be intermittent and not involve oil and grease, mold, Paver Sealer, Bubble Gum Removal From Concrete a cold-water unit should be enough. These are a few of the factors that help you decide between a cold or hot water pressure washer. For more details in helping you choose the right system for your application, please contact the professionals at Gulf Coast Pressure Washing Pro. 

Remember- You Can’t Get Clean If You Don’t Get WET! • However, while it may seem self-evident that hot water units are faster and more effective  .  

Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer Hydro Tek

Simply by heating up the water, a hot water pressure washer delivers dramatically improved cleaning power compared to a cold water machine. Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for cleaning sticky, greasy, or oily surfaces, because they will loosen the dirt much faster without the large amounts of soap, detergent, or other cleaning chemicals that must be used with a cold water system.

Pressure Washing with Hot Water is one the Best Way to clean.

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Hot Water Pressure Washer vs Soft wash with Chemical

Driveway Restoration



Driveway Restoration,  Concrete Staining,it can make your Driveway look  new,  Paver Resurfacing,  Paver Sealing,   Tile roof Mold Removal,  Pool Interior Paint Removal   By wet Sandblasting,  Pool Bird Cages, And Driveway Restoration,  Concrete Staining,  Paver Resurfacing,  Paver Sealing,   Tile roof Mold Removal,  Pool Interior Paint Removal   By wet Sandblasting,  Pool Bird Cages.


Pressure Washing Roof Tiles


We use Hot Water to kill mold on tile roof, Cold water Pressure use Chemical like Chemical to kill mold. Be  Careful if you  employ a [ Sotf wash guy most used  Chlorine .] It should be used only on White roof, it's not Friendly to  Plants or Grass!.[ It should not be used on Color Tile roofs.]

Paver Cleaning and Sealer


Paver Restoration & Sealer

Power Washing Pavers

Power Washing Hot Water is the Best  to remove Pavers Sealer. We use  a System call Hydroblasting  at  8 Gallons pre minute  hot water, versus cold water at 3.5 or 4 GM .This is the best systems for removing sealer and  Mole Roots . For deep Cleaning.

Driveway Power Washing


We like using are Hot Water unit Pressure Washing it work better than a cold water.

Driveway Power Washing


We do your Sidewalk Curb  remove all molds

You Questions Get the Answers


Customers have questions,  We have the answers.  On Staining Concrete.

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Experienced and Reliable In St Petersburg, Sararota Tampa Fl

We use a Hydroblasting systems at 8 gallons per minute at  220 degrees. To remove paints Concrete.

Hot Water Hydroblast, help to Remove Paint from Concrete, this system is Environmentally Friendly for Staining.

We Pay Close Attention to all mold on Paver


Paver Sealer Cleaning Products, Pool  decks restoration .[Concrete Restoration Driveway  by Staining] 

 pressure washing  company Commercial Residential in Saint Petersburg  and Sarasota Fl ,Service Line.

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Pressure washing Patio,Pool bird Cages Mold Remove,we use hot water to kill the mold. We have telescope poll instead of ladders, we can do up to reach up to two stories.

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Pressure Washing Tile Roof


Because we used hot water,we do not have to use chlorine or bleach. Almost all cold water pressure  used Chemicals to clean tile roofing. It can hurt your plants,shrubs or flowers.

Pavers Cleaning and Sealing


Pavers prepwork by Stripping old sealer off Is the most important part of the job. Hot water pressure washing is one the best to remove sealer. [New Sealer like Seal N Lock] 1. is the Natural Look , 2. Super-Wet-Look , 3.Ultra-wet-Look.[Using the wet look brings out the pavers colors.]

Driveway Power Washing


Resurfacing concrete we can remover paint, [ we do not paint instead we use xylene based Stain.] It will give deeper penetration in to the concrete for more info call or email.

Interior Pool RestorationAdvantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer Simply by heating up the water, a


  1. Most  of your cost on doing your pool, will be Stripping the old Material off. We use system called Wet sandblasting . Ask your pool contractor,after you get the bed.What is the cost for Stripping  then call us on stripping if we can cut your cost

Pressure Washing Commercial Building


We will do any size properties. Storefront, Office Complex,Warehouse Facilities. Food Court, Construction Equipment cleaning   Commercial building pressure washing from an aerial boom lift / sissor jack - Langley,BC  For more Info Call

Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment


 With mobile pressure washing equipment, a contractor can travel anywhere the off-road/construction equipment is located. There are no significant geographical limitations. [Note: Environmental regulations, which must be met, vary according to each municipality.] We Hot Water  power washing Heavy Equipment  we used a 240 degrees at  8 Gallons per Minute and  2  250 gallon  water tanks.


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